Posted by: Lindsay Derr | August 25, 2014

In Focus: O-Squad Interns

What would a PR agency be without amazing interns? Here at Olson Communications, we have four fantastic interns who brighten up the office with their positive vibes and help us out in so many ways. Without further ado, please meet Brittani Gomez! Chris Riley! Rachael Hill! Lauren Mendoza!

Talk about what you do as an intern at Olson Communications.

Brittani: As an intern I assist the film team as they work to promote and market new and upcoming films. I contact businesses, organizations, and clubs to inquire if they may be interested in receiving promotional items, tickets or put on an event for the studio.

Chris: I am the videography intern at Olson. I make the video blogs and client videos.

Rachael: I intern in the film department at Olson Communications. As an intern, I help promote advance screenings for upcoming movies. I am the Walt Disney Studio Intern, in charge of college campus events, screenings and activities for Disney at ASU.

Lauren: I do a little bit of everything in my internship. From traditional PR tasks writing press releases and pitching, to content creation and community management- I coordinate the Olson social media, blog and brand new Instagram (shameless plug, I know.)

What is one highlight of your time as an intern that you’ll always remember?

Brittani: I worked the Maleficent screening and I got to hand out the horns. One mother complemented me on how well I work with kids and how sweet I was with them.

Chris: Filming an interview with director Will Eubank for The Signal and going to Comicon.

Rachael: I worked on an event promoting the film Endless Love. The film’s star, Alex I-could-cry-he’s-so-pretty Pettyfer, came out to Tempe Marketplace for a meet and greet. I helped organize the crowd of screaming fan girls in line to take a picture with him. I will never forget continuously reminding everyone, “Selfies only, duck face ready. This is your one shot girls, no pressure.”

Lauren: I’ll always remember my first day. I was really nervous about meeting the team and getting swamped with new information, but once I walked in the door and met everyone, I knew I was going to like it here.

Describe yourself in one word.

Brittani: Loyal

Chris: Awkward

Rachael: Optimistic

Lauren: Enthusiastic

You’ve just been given a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world. Where are you going to go?

Brittani: To Guatemala to visit my best friend since he is serving there for Peace Corps.

Chris: Norway

Rachael: To Thailand to ride an elephant.

Lauren: French Polynesia, without a doubt.

Would you rather be born with an elephant trunk or a giraffe neck?

Brittani: A trunk; I’m already pretty tall as it is and there are times that I wish I had an extra hand or two so the trunk would suffice.

Chris: Elephant trunk. Because of the dexterity.

Rachael: An elephant trunk, to blend in with my new surroundings. (For explanation, please see above)

Lauren: Definitely the giraffe neck. An elephant trunk would just give me something else to trip over, and a giraffe neck would make me much taller and give me great pun material. “I’m going to stick my neck out here…”

Intern Selfie Final

Not pictured, Chris Riley. Perhaps he has an aversion to being photographed with three beautiful women?

Posted by: Regina Castillo | August 21, 2014

Lights! BoxTrolls! Action!

Last week, members of the O-Squad went to Flagstaff to help with a very special project. (Without giving too much away,) our friends Fish, Shoe and Sparky from the upcoming release of THE BOXTROLLS were called upon to help grant a wish to 8 year old A.J. Johnson.

Photo Aug 14%2c 1 41 05 PM

Make-A-Wish of Arizona, Animal Planet and Treehouse Masters teamed up to make A.J.’s wish come true with his own custom built treehouse. During the on-set visit, our team had the chance work with show producers and show host and master builder Pete Nelson to help unveil A.J.’s new pad. For more on the story check out and remember to tune into Animal Planet on September 19th to see the episode in its entirety.  Check your local listings for times and channels.

Photo Aug 14%2c 3 46 54 PM

THE BOXTROLLS hits theatres September 26, view the trailer below! 

Posted by: Lisa Nicita | August 19, 2014

PR Primer: No Press Release Needed

A few weeks ago, a one-line email sent goosebumps cascading down both of my arms.  The email was from someone within the Arizona Cardinals organization.  It was everything I had hoped to hear and everything I didn’t expect to hear.

That simple one line granted a wish.

The next day, I had a stack of seven Arizona Cardinals jerseys sitting on the counter in the kitchen of my home, one that pins its emotional state on how well the New York Giants perform on Sundays.  Knowing why they were there, and who would wear them under what circumstances, inspired a tempered smile in a sad moment.


Auntie’s jerseys. Seven total. One more than we asked for.

The Arizona Cardinals did something great.  Something they didn’t have to do.  Something they felt compelled to do, for a rabid fan, who won’t be able to cheer for her beloved team this season.  In the process, without a press release, a media advisory, or a live “hit,” the Arizona Cardinals engaged in a successful public relations tactic that will, no doubt, have a truly viral effect.

The lesson?  Effective public relations doesn’t always require a press release.  Faith, and a good deed, may be enough in the right situation.

Besides, sometimes the gems, those really great stories, might get lost in a crowded, competitive media sea.  PR Daily reports that more than 1,700 press releases are distributed by the nation’s top three wire services every day.  Of course, that figure doesn’t factor in the likely thousands of other releases pitched off the wires.

For this, for Auntie – as she was known to family, friends and even new acquaintances – Arizona Cardinals officials trusted their guts and in the process granted a dying wish for a dedicated fan, who more than anything, wanted the young men in her life to be draped in Cardinal red as they celebrated their shared love of football and said farewell to her at her funeral, one that featured Auntie’s custom, black #1 Cardinals jersey at the altar alongside a football-shaped bouquet of flowers.

Duke family

Auntie’s boys in Cardinal red, wearing the donated jerseys that fulfilled one of her final wishes.

By answering a simple email with an emphatic and swift, “yes we want to help,” the Cardinals brought a drop of happiness to a woman losing her battle with lung cancer, despite never smoking a day in her life.  At the same time, the quiet outreach on the part of the Arizona Cardinals strengthened an already-healthy bond between the Cardinals fans they touched, and also left in awe those who heard the story of “Auntie’s jerseys” retold to family and friends.

Because, good news can travel fast.  And, no press release was ever needed.

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