Posted by: Alison Frost | August 29, 2014

At the Movies: There’s something for everyone

August, the last big push for summer movies, offered a wide variety of choices. Kicking off the month, was the biggest movie of the summer Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s epic space adventure. If you haven’t seen it yet, grab a friend and enjoy the ride!

The Hundred-Foot Journey, starring Helen Mirren, had moviegoers salivating as this international bestselling book about food, family and an unlikely journey opened to great reviews and made viewers flock to the nearest French or Indian restaurant post-viewing.

Summer is the best time of the year if you’re into action movie and this August was no different. With two films under their belt, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and the rest of the legendary team joined forces The Expendables 3.

Opening today, the psychological thriller As Above/So Below will take you through the twisting and terrifying catacombs beneath the streets of Paris as a team of explorers venture into this uncharted maze of tunnels. Not for the faint of heart … or the claustrophobic!

Independent films are a great place to see big name actors in smaller roles. Want to see A-listers playing characters you normally wouldn’t picture them playing? Then you should check out Magic In the Moonlight, Woody Allen’s new film starring Emma Stone and Colin Firth; Life of Crime starring Jennifer Anniston and Tim Robbins; and Love Is Strange John Lithgow and Alfred Molina.

This is the last weekend of August and a holiday weekend, so take some time and enjoy a movie!


Posted by: Katie Zinn | August 27, 2014

Vantage West Teams Up with U of A Football

VAN_14_142_ RichRod_FB_cover_rd3

These may very well be the two most difficult words I have every typed – or penned or muttered for that matter – but here goes: Bear Down.

Hold back your pitchforks, fellow Sun Devils! I write this in the name of peace, client love and some really cool marketing. This week, Olson Comm joined our creative partners at WHYFOR Design in launching an exciting new campaign – the Vantage West Blueprint for Success featuring Coach Rich Rodriguez, the head football coach for the University of Arizona.

Throughout the college football season, Vantage West will be rolling out a six-part online video series featuring exclusive interviews with Coach Rodriguez as he speaks to some of the most crucial components for a winning team. Things like discipline, preparation and, in the first installment, experience. “You may hear a coach say ‘Well, I’ve got 20 years of experience,” says Rodriguez, “But if he’s not changed or learned over 20 years, he really has just one year experience, repeated 20 times.” Never stop learning. I think that’s advice we can all agree on, regardless of our alma mater.

Check out the first episode of Blueprint for Success to hear more about Coach Rodriguez’s beginnings, inspirations and how he and his team keep improving year in and year out.


Keep up with Coach Rodriguez on Vantage West’s Facebook and Twitter pages or by following the hashtag #AZSuccess. Good luck this season, Cats. I mean it…really.

Posted by: Lindsay Derr | August 25, 2014

In Focus: O-Squad Interns

What would a PR agency be without amazing interns? Here at Olson Communications, we have four fantastic interns who brighten up the office with their positive vibes and help us out in so many ways. Without further ado, please meet Brittani Gomez! Chris Riley! Rachael Hill! Lauren Mendoza!

Talk about what you do as an intern at Olson Communications.

Brittani: As an intern I assist the film team as they work to promote and market new and upcoming films. I contact businesses, organizations, and clubs to inquire if they may be interested in receiving promotional items, tickets or put on an event for the studio.

Chris: I am the videography intern at Olson. I make the video blogs and client videos.

Rachael: I intern in the film department at Olson Communications. As an intern, I help promote advance screenings for upcoming movies. I am the Walt Disney Studio Intern, in charge of college campus events, screenings and activities for Disney at ASU.

Lauren: I do a little bit of everything in my internship. From traditional PR tasks writing press releases and pitching, to content creation and community management- I coordinate the Olson social media, blog and brand new Instagram (shameless plug, I know.)

What is one highlight of your time as an intern that you’ll always remember?

Brittani: I worked the Maleficent screening and I got to hand out the horns. One mother complemented me on how well I work with kids and how sweet I was with them.

Chris: Filming an interview with director Will Eubank for The Signal and going to Comicon.

Rachael: I worked on an event promoting the film Endless Love. The film’s star, Alex I-could-cry-he’s-so-pretty Pettyfer, came out to Tempe Marketplace for a meet and greet. I helped organize the crowd of screaming fan girls in line to take a picture with him. I will never forget continuously reminding everyone, “Selfies only, duck face ready. This is your one shot girls, no pressure.”

Lauren: I’ll always remember my first day. I was really nervous about meeting the team and getting swamped with new information, but once I walked in the door and met everyone, I knew I was going to like it here.

Describe yourself in one word.

Brittani: Loyal

Chris: Awkward

Rachael: Optimistic

Lauren: Enthusiastic

You’ve just been given a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world. Where are you going to go?

Brittani: To Guatemala to visit my best friend since he is serving there for Peace Corps.

Chris: Norway

Rachael: To Thailand to ride an elephant.

Lauren: French Polynesia, without a doubt.

Would you rather be born with an elephant trunk or a giraffe neck?

Brittani: A trunk; I’m already pretty tall as it is and there are times that I wish I had an extra hand or two so the trunk would suffice.

Chris: Elephant trunk. Because of the dexterity.

Rachael: An elephant trunk, to blend in with my new surroundings. (For explanation, please see above)

Lauren: Definitely the giraffe neck. An elephant trunk would just give me something else to trip over, and a giraffe neck would make me much taller and give me great pun material. “I’m going to stick my neck out here…”

Intern Selfie Final

Not pictured, Chris Riley. Perhaps he has an aversion to being photographed with three beautiful women?

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