Posted by: Veronica Graves | May 14, 2012

Case of the Mondays: Gimme a Piece of Facebook

Facebook (FB) is going public and I want in. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. It’s not so easy or affordable to buy in. Facebook’s initial public offering, currently valued at $35 a share, has been filling up all day, and according to Bloomberg, Facebook will likely finish taking orders after the markets close May 15, two day ahead of schedule.

As the social networking site finally goes public, Facebook is expected to surpass the United Parcel Service, Inc. as the most valuable company to go public in the history of the U.S. What does this mean to avid Facebook users looking to buy in? Facebook is an overpriced stock that many experts believe will trigger a new tech bubble. Already the IPO is set high, but when the stock opens to the rest of the public on Friday, that price is going to increase, and keep increasing with everyone wanting a piece of Facebook.

With everyone’s hands in the cookie jar, what else will change with Facebook? As a public company, Facebook will be more focused on generating a profit. Shareholders will want to see money coming in and will now have a strong voice in the matter. Currently Facebook is experimenting with paid posts, a way to feature an important post on all of your friends’ newsfeed. Facebook is also entering into the app world, with plans to launch its own app store.

What are your thoughts with the beloved Facebook going public? Is this a good thing or a bad thing for social media, the economy and the millions of users?

And Happy 28th Birthday Mark!

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